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Link to our Pavilion Development pics, a continual project since moving into a rusty shed in 2004:[email protected]/sets/72157608724265925/detail/


Meeeting Dates,  Annual AGM, Upcoming Events, Helmsman Auction Info all available on Members Lounge Website.

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Annual Membership Fees

Annual Membership applies from the first day of January through to the last day of December . 

Junior Membership is available to children aged sixteen years or under on the 1st January in year of paying dues. Juniors are to be accompanied by Parent or Guardian at all times while participating in any club event or meeting.



Member Benefits
  • Connection for like minded poultry enthusiasts to get together and enjoy an interesting pastime, implementing shows, auctions, seminars for each and all, through a combination of skills and effort. In a nutshell "Members get back what they put in" 
  • Link to our Members' Lounge, allowing access to:
  • Latest News, Show Results, Updated Events Calendar and many links to Poultry related informative sites, from incubation to heath and husbandry.
  • Advice assistance and mentoring, from other Members.
  • Free 'Sales'  and  'Wanted' advertising on our "Members Lounge Site" to aid in selling or purchasing stock or equipment.
  • Free Classifieds 'Sales'  and  'Wanted' on our Sussex Club of Australia Website.
  • Annual Show Schedules available as download.
  • Opportunity to do your share to preserve the genetic pool of purebred poultry.
  • Associate Only Membership, for those that do not wish to be involved with Club Participation, comes without voting entitlements.

Our group is a non-profit incorporated association of volunteers

We should consider ourseves priviliged to have so many regional Clubs hosting weekly shows across the State.   Clubs all need support to provide you with your hobby.  All membership money is minimal only and virtually only covers record keeping of such membership. Entry fees only basically cover the day.

      Shows take an enourmous amount of club members, exhibitors like yourself, time and effort, giving you a show to participate in.  Club Shows are not commercial ventures, and have no administration to carry the burden, existing only on like minded people all working together to provide this great hobby.

            Each exhibitor must be prepared to put in equal to that which they receive or show participation will become a thing of the past. Seems a lot of Clubs are getting short on "hands on" members. Our hobby requires  younger exhibitors to become more involved, stepping up and taking on more of the physical work along with all taking on a share of the administration side.  


Annual Membership Fees:


Single    $10.00  (One Vote)Family   $15.00  (Two Votes)Dual       $15.00 (Two Votes)

Junior   $ 5.00  (No Votes)

Associate $5.00  (No Votes)

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