Formation of Sussex Club of Australia


In June and July 1973 George H. Grimm proposed that the Sussex Club be reformed after a period of 20 years of inactivity. George proceeded to place advertisements in the “Fanciers Gazette” and followed this up with a series of circulars to Sussex fanciers throughout Australia, outlining his proposals.


         As a result of all this, the inaugural meeting of the Sussex Club of Australia took place on the 6th April, 1974   in the Cole-Dudgeon Hall,    Sydney Showgrounds

during the Royal Easter Show.

         Present at the meeting were people from all parts of Australia, too many to list. At this meeting Mr. Peter M. Smith was asked to be Chairperson and so opened the meeting as well as conducted the necessary procedures to elect office bearers.     

                                                                                       In 1977 the Club went into recess for several reasons.

In 1982, at a meeting held at the Geelong Showgrounds a motion was moved that the Sussex Club of Australia be reformed and incorporated with the Footscray District Poultry Club. This was carried. So at a meeting in October 1982 the Sussex Club of Australia was reborn again.

                                                  Office bearers at this point were Mr. R Ellwood (President) and  Mr. R. Scott (Secretary)

         To this day the Sussex Club of Australia is incorporated with the Footscray District Poultry Club and Sussex are featured at each  Annual Show (Fourh Saturday in July) where  Sussex trophies for each colour/variety, are featured.

                                                        Current President is Shaynee Inzillo, and  Secretary Jan Mptherwell.

One of the hardest tasks of any club is to maintain sufficient funds to stay alive, but this club through member’s fundraising (Helmsman Poultry Auctions) and generous donations, through Annual Membership subscriptions, over the years, has always managed to thrive.

                                           “Long Live The Mighty Sussex”

by Kerry Pavey 2013

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